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We are an independent opticians located in the centre of Weybridge since 1992. As Optometrists with over 25 years of experience we are delighted to be able to share our passion about vision with you all.

Ensuring that our patients are given the best service possible is our priority. Here at Henning & Henning we offer a friendly, personal service to all.

Services we offer

Our screening using state-of-the-art optical equipment such as the OCT and MPOD, is another area that we believe can benefit our Patients. The advancement of technology has allowed extensive progress in all areas of eyecare. These advancements range from Spectacle frames , lenses and coatings through to contact lenses and dry eye management.

Our extensive range of spectacle frames encompasses collections that are fashion forward, ultra lightweight, petite, rimless, traditional, bespoke and designer.

We offer eye tests, contact lens consultation and specialist services for persons of all ages.

Finding us

We are located on Church Street, in Weybridge town centre.

The nearest parking is Churchfields car park, behind the library.

We offer access for the disabled

Lutina: 6 reasons why this new material is a must to protect our eye health




We are delighted to be able to introduce  Tokai’s new ground breaking lens material that filters out 94% of high energy UV light (between 400nm-420nm)

These high energy UV rays can trigger harmful processes in the eye (oxidative stress) and potentially threaten the future health of our eyes inc macula degeneration and cataracts

We  have lutein in our eyes to help protect them against UV damage. Unfortunately, over time and with a poor lifestyle and diet, the amount of lutein we have can become depleted and our eyes are no longer so well protected against UV damage.

Lutein cannot be produced within the body, but is absorbed by eating green and yellow vegetables or taking the relevant nutritional supplements.

It is possible to reduce oxidative stress and also to reduce the damage to the lutein in our eyes by cutting out the UV blue wavelength.

Lutina material helps in protecting the lutein in the macula by filtering out the harmful UV rays. Thus improving our ocular health.

This exciting new material is available for both distance and reading spectacles and also varifocals.

Why not pop in to see a demonstration of it’s astounding blue light absorption?





Monday 2nd May

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Big thanks to Reese!


We’re very thankful for Reese’s help with our cheeky little April Fool’s joke.

He popped in to model these cool Dirty Dog sunglasses for us.

Since his appearance on our Facebook and Twitter page, I think  he now has  even more adoring fans than ever!