Who we are

We are an independent opticians located in the centre of Weybridge since 1992. As Optometrists with over 25 years of experience we are delighted to be able to share our passion about vision with you all.

Ensuring that our patients are given the best service possible is our priority. Here at Henning & Henning we offer a friendly, personal service to all.

Services we offer

Our screening using state-of-the-art optical equipment such as the OCT and MPOD, is another area that we believe can benefit our Patients. The advancement of technology has allowed extensive progress in all areas of eyecare. These advancements range from Spectacle frames , lenses and coatings through to contact lenses and dry eye management.

Our extensive range of spectacle frames encompasses collections that are fashion forward, ultra lightweight, petite, rimless, traditional, bespoke and designer.

We offer eye tests, contact lens consultation and specialist services for persons of all ages.

Finding us

We are located on Church Street, in Weybridge town centre.

The nearest parking is Churchfields car park, behind the library.

We offer access for the disabled

Study shows myopia (short sightedness) prevalence in children in the UK has more than doubled in the last 50 years


Evidence from all over the world suggests that myopia is increasing in prevalence.

Nearly one in five teenagers in the UK are myopic. Myopia is most likely to occur between six and 13 years of age.

Children with one myopic parent are almost three times more likely to be myopic by age 13 than a child without a myopic parent. This increases to over seven times when both parents are myopes.

Myopia is more than twice as prevalent among UK children now than in the 1960s.

Parents who are myopic should be told to expect myopia in their children and ensure they get their children’s eyes tested regularly in the early years of primary school.

The current evidence-base suggests that more time spent on near vision tasks (for example, studying or screen time) does not have a strong influence on myopia development. However, an active lifestyle, particularly involving spending time outdoors does appear to be helpful in preventing myopia or slowing its progression. This is a public health message that could be beneficial, not only for children’s eyes, but for their general health.