Who we are

We are an independent opticians located in the centre of Weybridge since 1992. As Optometrists with over 25 years of experience we are delighted to be able to share our passion about vision with you all.

Ensuring that our patients are given the best service possible is our priority. Here at Henning & Henning we offer a friendly, personal service to all.

Services we offer

Our screening using state-of-the-art optical equipment such as the OCT and MPOD, is another area that we believe can benefit our Patients. The advancement of technology has allowed extensive progress in all areas of eyecare. These advancements range from Spectacle frames , lenses and coatings through to contact lenses and dry eye management.

Our extensive range of spectacle frames encompasses collections that are fashion forward, ultra lightweight, petite, rimless, traditional, bespoke and designer.

We offer eye tests, contact lens consultation and specialist services for persons of all ages.

Finding us

We are located on Church Street, in Weybridge town centre.

The nearest parking is Churchfields car park, behind the library.

We offer access for the disabled

Are you all set for summer?

imageNow that the Summer sunshine appears to be back on the radar and holiday time is here, I thought it was a good idea to share with you a few gentle reminders about looking after your eyes whilst you’re enjoying the delights of the great outdoors.

Contact lens wearers need to be aware that poor hygiene increases their risk of an eye infection by up to four times. Perhaps if you’re off to a Festival or camping, it might be worthwhile considering daily lenses instead of your usual 2-weekly or monthly ones to be sure to minimise your risk of any unwanted eye related problems.

If your lenses come into contact with water eg when swimming, then the lenses must be discarded immediately and replaced with new ones.

Maybe now is a good time to download a contact lens tracker app to remind you when it’s time to change your lenses. We strongly advise against extending the life of your lenses beyond their recommended modality of wear. Remember that from the moment that you open the packet the clock starts ticking. If a lens is a monthly lens, then 30 days after you’ve opened the pack it needs to be replaced. Yes, that’s whether you’ve worn it 28 times or merely 3!

UV protection is essential for everyone regardless of age. OK, so maybe not our canine friends, but definitely for us humans! There is a variety of eye conditions that are linked with cumulative UV exposure. These range from pterygium (growth on the front surface of the eye), certain cataracts and the potentially devastating macular degeneration.

Be aware that UV is approaching our eyes from all directions (above, below, side) and even on cloudy days. So, we need to be mindful of using our sunglasses and hats appropriately.

Light sensitive (photochromatic/Colormatic/Transition) spectacle lenses can be invaluable in our ever changing UK climate as they respond to the amount of UV present. They are available in ranges from non prescription through to high index multifocals so there is sure to be a version that will suit your needs.

Some contact lens brands offer UV protection. We would still advise the use of sunglasses whilst wearing them but the benefit of any additional UV protection is to be highly recommended.

Why not pop in to ask us more about what we would recommend for you to help you to take care of the health of your eyes this Summer. Eyesight is precious please take care of yours!

Weybridge Community Regatta- #oarsome


Good luck to everyone participating in Friday’s rowing fest. OK, so the weather doesn’t look set to be that great but as spirits are so high I’m certain it’s definitely destined to be an amazing day all round.

Here at H&H we are proud to be sponsoring the team from Meru. We don’t wish to be biased but hope you win guys! No pressure!

See you all on the water next year!


Au revoir to those tennis balls!


 After yet another amazing fortnight’s worth of tennis, Wimbledon is now over for another year.

Not only do we need to adjust to this, but it is also time for our delightful ball people to bow out from the limelight.

In their place we will be introducing you to our 3 new favourite models: Hugo, Heidi & Hattie. This quirky trio will be epitomising this summer’s hot eyewear colour trend by modelling white frames. #style #inspiration