The next “new normal”.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had lots of enquiries as to when we will be back in action and providing routine eye care.  The truth is we don’t know. We’re waiting for official guidance from our optical governing bodies as to when and what we will be allowed to start doing.

As soon as we hear we will notify you and start scheduling appointments again. Please be patient as life at H&H won’t be quite as straightforward as it was before COVID-19 appeared on the horizon. No longer will anyone be able to simply pop by without notifying us ahead of their visit. A lot of the things that we’ve all taken for granted over the years are going to be disallowed, for at least the initial period after re-opening. This won’t be easy for any of us.

Rest assured that we are working hard in the meantime to make certain that we have all the necessary preparations in place. This includes everything from PPE to restructuring the practice to ensure it is as safe as possible for us all.

Safety is paramount, but we will work hard to ensure that everyone still receives a high standard of eye care and customer service.

We miss you!